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When just getting started, promoting your company logo is very important so that potential customers start to remember your logo.

It is your job to connect people with your website/brand through creating a logo that resonates with your customer demographic.

Good color selection and logo design can increase customer recognition of your brand by up to 80%.

On average, it takes seeing a brand 5 to 7 times before potential customers are comfortable enough with the brand to make a purchase.

This means that you have to create and maintain a customer journey that will interact and engage customers at every stage of purchasing funnel.

60% of people expect consistent experiences with brands.

In order to deliver consistent branding to potential customers you have to take advantage of where people put their attention.... Social media on their mobile device.

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At Macy Advertising, our roots are big agency and we have carved a niche by providing Madison Avenue quality at Main Street prices to a wide array of businesses. Our operational style is lean and entrepreneurial. No matter what size, every client matters to us. Our survival is directly linked to their success. When we do the job right, we grow right with our clients. Yes, we’ve won our share of Best of Shows but we pride ourselves on creative that’s effective first. Because what really matters is the success of your business. And every client has direct access to the principals. We work fast and smart without cluttered chains of communication.

It’s like buying your advertising direct from the manufacturer. Ideas come from everywhere.
The talent is knowing how to extract them. Mining and refining. That’s something we have mastered. We listen. We do research. We leave our ego at the door and do what’s in the best interest of your bottom line. You know your business, your audience. We know how to talk to them in a way they like and respond to. And our success rate is high. That’s why our relationships keep getting stronger.

True Media Neutrality.

 While many agencies preach media neutrality, they’re still wedded to the old ways of working. We don’t have large salaried departments or overheads. We’re an idea driven company. That’s what clients pay us for.

Our clients love us!

I have been working with Macy for over 15 years and I can truly say he delivers results. He has helped build our image from an old style scandinavian furniture store to a hip, cool modern day mecca for contemporary furnishings. Whether it was TV spots or email blasts, the work is creative, beautifully designed and has given us a voice we desperately needed. I would strongly suggest you call him right now.

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