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professionalwebsitedevelopers Performance Code

Results - Attitude - Value - Planning - Documentation - Communication - Integrity - Commitment

The management of professionalwebsitedevelopers requires that all team members and 3rd party service providers meet certain professional performance standards, even if they are not part a written contract. Participation as a member of 911 Website Repair team requires compliance with expected performance standards. This will assure proper customer support and the success of the professionalwebsitedevelopers service. Management will determine compliance and make changes to the team as required.

Results: professionalwebsitedevelopers team will finish tasks efficiently in the allotted time and within the allotted budget.

Attitude: professionalwebsitedevelopers team work smoothly with our customers in a courteous, polite and professional manner. Team members will ntegrate our efforts into our customer’s project(s) as a whole.

Value: The professionalwebsitedevelopers team will deliver work product that is free of defects, adheres to standards, is of a professional quality, and works as expected and agreed upon.

Planning: The professionalwebsitedevelopers team will plan ahead and solve the problems first, design before developing, and test before deploying.  

Documentation: The professionalwebsitedevelopers team will document the work product so others can take over the effort should circumstances require.

Communication: The professionalwebsitedevelopers team will communicate the status of a project in a timely and regular way on the work product. Delays must be reported even if it might be thought to negatively affect the team’s position. The professionalwebsitedevelopers team will notify the relevant parties when a project is outside of their area of expertise or skill level, or if a reasonable person who is fully aware of the situation would understand that professionalwebsitedevelopers needs customer input and interaction to help to keep and/or get a project on track.

Integrity: The professionalwebsitedevelopers team will not misrepresent facts. The professionalwebsitedevelopers team will not use unlicensed software. The professionalwebsitedevelopers team will fully divulge all conflicts of interest prior to contract, or as soon as is reasonably possible after discovery. The professionalwebsitedevelopers team will abide by the terms of their contracts and the applicable laws. The professionalwebsitedevelopers team will not divulge (unless required by law) or make use of confidential or proprietary information belonging to others.

Commitment: The professionalwebsitedevelopers team will demonstrate loyalty to our customers and work with each customer to properly resolve and complete all issues and/or projects that The professionalwebsitedevelopers team has been contracted to perform.

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